VizPix Studio's Architectural Visualization Videos

Our latest show reels and animation videos can be found here. Videos include samples of our 3D architectural visualizations, technical animations, engineering informational videos, cinematics, visual effects, motion graphics, fly-throughs and interactive environments.

Interactive Real Estate App
Video rendering of an interactive real estate app that allows for a more interactive experience of architectural visualizations
Kuka Robot 3D Animation
3D product animation video using a Kuka Robot
Sports Arena Animation
Animated architectural visualization for a rebranding proposal for Scotiabank Arena located in Toronto, Ontario
Aerial Drone Show Reel
Architectural and site surveying aerial drone photography video.
Dive Tablet Trade Show Video
Animation product visualization highlights from a trade show video
Calgary Mall Visualization
Animated fly-through of 5th & THIRD East Village in Calgary, Alberta
3D Landscape Animation
Animated 3D visualization of a woodland landscape
Hospital Fly-Thru
3D animated fly through architectural visualization of the Groves Memorial Hospital
3D Animation of Sonar Device
3D animated visualization of a hand held navigation and sonar device used by divers.
NLCS Flythrough
Architectural visualization animation of North London Collegiate School Dubai
Shaughnessy House
Architectural visualization 3D animated virtual tour of Shaughnessy House, Vancouver BC Canada
Vineyard Animation
3D animated virtual tour of a vineyard and winery located in British Columbia, Canada. VizPix Studio specializes in Architectural visualization fly-thrus and animations.
Showreel 2015
Modern luxury condo architectural visualization located in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.
Joyce House 1
Architectural Visualization of a luxury condo located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Animated virtual fly-thru of downtown city block. Rendering was created using the UE4 editor.
Joyce House 2
Animated architectural visualization of a luxury condo located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Virtual walkthrough was created using the UE4 editor. VizPix Studio has clients both locally and international including Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Vancouver, Washington, California, and Dubai
Garibaldi Homes
3D animated virtual tour of luxury condo located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Features a camera fly-thru using the UE4 editor.
Condo Construct
Animated fly-thru virtual tour of a Toronto condo. Decor is animated flying into place. Architectural visualization was created in the UE4 engine.
School in Dubai
Architectural visualization of the Hartland International school in Dubai. Animated virtual walk through was created using Lumion 5.
Camera Fly Thru
Interior design walk through of a modern condo. This architectural visualization was created using the UE4 game engine.
Condo Fly-Thru
Animated virtual walk through tour of a modern Toronto Condo unit. Architectural visualization was created using the UE4 game engine.
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