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VizPix Studio's Architectural Visualization Services

VizPix Studio is located in the Ottawa area in Ontario, Canada. We have clients both locally and internationally and can easily do business worldwide from North America to Europe to Asia and the Middle East.

Dubai Luxury Condo 3D Interior Modern Living Room Render, architectural visualization, VizPix Studio

Single Frame Renders

We offer high quality, hyperrealistic single frame 3D renders using the latest in global illumination technology for both interior and exterior views. Whether its residential, corporate or a visualization of a new up and coming restaurant or store front, we can help you achieve a life like, atmospheric representation of your vision. 

Horseshoe Valley Condo Camera Fly-Through Animation, animation studio located in Ottawa

Animated Fly Thrus

VizPix Studio also offer animated fly through 3D animations of your designs. With our extensive cinematic experience, we can provide a unique cinema feel to your interior and exterior fly through. Our renders can also include various visual effects to add atmosphere and mood. We can even previsualize the time of day with geographically correct sun locations as well as lines of sight.


We also provide the option of adding animated title cards to your renders giving you the complete package. Great for presentations and marketing material.

Engineering Pre-viz, Technical Animation, Motion Graphics, product animation

Technical Animations

Need an animated exploded or cut-away view of your building or product? Or possibly a computer simulation using real world physics? We do that too. VizPix Studio creates  animated renders using the latest in 3D graphics software. 

Architectural Visualization Ottawa, Virtual Tours, animated fly-thrus

360 3D Virtual Tours Renders

VizPix Studio offers architectural 360 3d virtual tour services. We can render 3d panoramic renderings of your 3d spaces that can be used in interactive virtual tours. This style of rendering allows you clients to virtually explore your 3d designs.

Drone Photograph of the Canadian Museum of History, photography by VizPix Studio

Drone Services

VizPix Studio now offers architectural Drone services. We can provide both stills and video. Drone footage can be used to film existing structures or to survey land for future builds. The footage can be used as is or we can composite your planned projects onto an existing site. Drones are also a great way of generating models of landscapes and structures in the form of photogrammetry to be used in various forms of visualizations.

VizPix Studio Architectural Visualization, Technical animation, 3D interactive environments, virtual reality, game engine, St Catharines, Niagara, Toronto, Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Buffalo, NY, Vermont, Ohio, modern design

Interactive Virtual Experience

Experience walking through your designs before they are built in the real world. Explore your concepts fully furnished, check sight lines, see how that space feels before going into the construction phase. Interactively investigate how different solar scenarios affects your virtual environment... the possibilities are endless. The Interactive Virtual Experience not only is a way to test your designs but it also makes a great presentation tool.

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