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More About Animated Fly-Thrus

VizPix Studio can help you with realizing your architectural visualization in the form of fully immersive 3D animated camera fly throughs that your investors, stakeholders and clients will understand and appreciate. Looking at flat drawings of plans and elevations can be a hard sell compared to the richness of 3D animation that realizes a space from a medium that everyone can understand.  Whether you're an architect, land developer or real-estate marketer animated visualization can be a valuable tool for your presentations and/or websites.


We have worked with production studios, manufacturers, fabricators and marketing agencies on various types of digital projects from single frame renders to CG animations. Our experience in architecture, illustration, cinematography, video editing, motion graphics and animation allows us to see the big picture and develop the project in house cutting down on cost and time.


Some clients come to us with as little as a hand drawn sketches with their ideas to a 3D digital files for us to work with. We can work with your ideas or if you need us to come up with an idea on how to best represent your visions both artistically, technically and on budget.  

A sample of one of our animated camera fly-throughs

The Process:

There are 3 phases to the animation process: 

Step1: The first step is to produce a storyboard that sets up the planned shots for your project. Important elements, ideas, framing and the composition is worked out for each shot. We also require reference materials such as cad drawings/sketches, reference images, links, color design boards etc. from the client. The more information we have the better we can understand our client's expectations, scope and budget.  

After the storyboard is approved the background/architecture are converted to digital assets and placed into the virtual environment. Props are also placed into the scene to add realism and scale. 

Step2: The second phase is to produce a draft animation of the project depicting the camera angles, lighting and the timing for client approval. Adjustments are made with the client's input and the animation is reworked until the client is happy before going into the final phase. 

Step3: The third phase is the final output of the animation with finalized lighting, camera paths, edits, post effects like blooms, color grading, titles and music.

All the animations will be available on a secure cloud server for our clients to access and upload/download assets for the project from and we can communicate by email, skype, telephone or web based conference app.  

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