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More About Single Frame Architectural Visualization Renders

VizPix Studio produces photo realistic interior and exterior renderings utilizing techniques applied in the film and game industries. Our experience in architecture, cinematography and computer graphics allow us to create captivating images with the latest in digital graphic technology. For lighting we use almost exclusively VRay, a high end rendering software that is also used in the motion picture industry. Combining image based lighting solutions, ambient occlusion and post effects to bring our renders to life giving them mood and atmosphere.  So we don't just assemble furniture in a box, we also take that extra step in adding mood and a real sense of space. 


We have an extensive library of furnishings, lighting fixtures and textures to choose from; both modern and contemporary. Everything to suit our clients' needs. We also will create custom pieces if a client has something specific in mind that's not in our library. Our renders also incorporate decor accessories such as electronics, books, framed art, flower arrangements, knick knacks and other odds and ends  to dress the environments, giving them a personal touch that visualizes lived in environments rather than an unrealistic sparse sterile space.

The Process:

At the start of a project we require reference materials such as cad drawings/sketches, reference images, links, color design boards etc. from the client. The more information we have the better we can understand our client's expectations, scope and budget. A budget proposal is given to our clients for approval or if our clients have a tight budget we can scale the project scope to fit their needs. We can accommodate most reasonable budgets. 


Upon project green light we begin creating the 3D space starting with rough blocked in meshes with simple lighting based on the reference material provided. This is followed by an accessories pass where we add all those little personal touches such a housewares, décor etc.  Lighting is then fine tuned, an ambient occlusion pass is rendered followed by a post pass. This is where all the element come together and the atmosphere and effects are added.  


We provide the client with work in progress renders every step of the way, iterating with them on each shot until they are satisfied with color, lighting, furnishings, layout etc.


For each final render we will provide our clients with a high resolution output. All the images will be available on a secure cloud server for our client to access. They will also have access to the cloud server throughout the development of the project to upload/download assets.

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