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  • Mike Seto

3D rendering of a Rejuvenated Rose Garden for the Royal Botanical Gardens

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Earlier this winter the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) located in Hamilton/Burlington Ontario region contacted us to help them visualize their new rejuvenation rose garden project. The rendering was used to provide potential donors a glimpse of what the new landscaped space will look like. 3D renders provide marketing materials that 2D drawings cannot compete with.

Part of the process for this project was doing a site visit. This gave us an opportunity to get a feel for the scale of the site, and to gather photographic references of materials and existing structures including existing vegetation and buildings. We were also able to get an early idea about potential camera angles that might work best.

Royal Botanical Garden during the winter months. photo by Vizpix Studio
Royal Botanical Garden during the winter months

Photo from site visit at RBG, Burlington

The next step in the process after receiving reference material, was to generate a simplified massing of the garden and provide several possible camera angles for the client to choose from. Once the camera was selected, we began filling in the space with high poly models and hdri lighting. This process helps save on both rendering time and time spent on modeling high poly meshes since we would only model what is visible from the camera.

Examples of simplified massing with various camera options

3D landscape rendering of gazebo and rose garden located in Hamilton Ontario
3D landscape rendering for the Royal Botanical Garden fund raiser n

Final 3D rendering

The new garden exhibit is projected to be completed by summer 2018. It will balance ecology, utilize new pesticide laws and use new distinct Canadian variety of roses. You can visit their website here:


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