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VizPix Studio Payment Policies at a Glance

VizPix Studio generally requires a 50% down payment to start a project. Work in progress renders will be released with a watermark for the CLIENT to review. Once the project is complete, an invoice for the final 50% will be issued to the CLIENT. High resolution renders without the VizPix Studio watermark will be released to the CLIENT once the final payment is received.

All projects include 3 change lists that would include textures, materials, décor and lighting changes. Additional changes that are beyond the scope of the original contract such as structural or additional renders, may incur an additional fee.

Change List Policies:

It is up to the CLIENT to provide all the necessary structural and design information in order for VizPix Studio to complete the renderings accurately and efficiently. The CLIENT is allowed 3 change lists per render. A change list can consist of 1 to up to 10 changes. This can include colour changes, materials, lighting, changes to décor items such as furniture and vehicles etc. It is more efficient for the process if changes are compiled into a list rather than sending us one change at a time. Making adjustments to the file and re-rendering the image is time consuming and therefore costs money. It is for this reason we ask that CLIENTS please compile their changes into as few lists as possible. Most renders done are using a multi pass process that is composited at the end. If the CLIENT exceeds 3 change lists there will be additional fees. Structural changes ie changes made to the design by the CLIENT or delivered to VizPix Studio after the work on the rendering has begun is subject to additional fees. If a CLIENT has signed off on a work in progress rendering and has given the green light to render the image in high resolution the project is considered complete. VizPix Studio will only render the image in high resolution and without watermarks when the rendering has reached its final phase.  If the CLIENT requests addition changes after the render has been rendered at high resolution, there will be an additional fee to address those changes. The fees are determined by the complexity and amount of changes requested and, in some cases, such as extensive structural changes or a camera change, it will be considered a new render and may be subject to being charged the full amount.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our policies at 1-888-811-5814

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