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  • Mike Seto

Stylish Hand Painted 3D Architectural Renders or Non-Photorealistic Renders (NPR)

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Stylish hand painted 3D renders or non-photorealistic renders (NPR) as it is commonly called is a eye pleasing alternative to the hard edged photo realistic renders that is so common in 3d graphics and visualizations we see today. Traditional media illustration style using such mediums as conte, pen, watercolor or gouache harkens back to a familiar style that would have been prevalent in any real estate brochure before CG graphics became mainstream.

Digital painting can mimic the styles of these traditional mediums and since it is digital, different styles can be reiterated quickly and non-destructively if the client ask for style changes or even structural and camera changes

3d render aerial view of the Hartland International School in Dubai using pen sketching technique.
aerial 3d view of school in Dubai

watercolor painting of house exterior for a real estate billboard done in a non-photo realistic rendering style or NPR
3D watercolor painting render of house exterior


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