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  • Mike Seto

Modern architecture in Kingston: Isabel Bader Performing Arts Center

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

exterior shot of Isabel Bader Performing arts center
Isabel Bader Performing arts center

Passing through Kingston Ontario we made a point to visit the Isabel Bader Performing Arts Center located within the Queen's University Campus. Designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta and Ottawa's N45 the building sits on the edge of Lake Ontario with views towards Wolf Island. From the time you enter at the north entrance till you make your way to the south of the building you are treated with magnificent continuous views of the lake and adjacent limestone buildings thanks to the expanse of 20 foot high windows that runs the length of the building. The new high tech structure of glass and steel is married together with the existing old limestone brewery structure.

Using our DJI Osmo Plus camera outfit we were able to film the structure in the morning and at sunset to get the footage for the video you see here. Since most of our camera work at VizPix Studio is virtual or CG it was refreshing to operate a physical video camera on site and deal with ISO, shutter speeds, site limitations and dwindling lighting conditions. The same principles of compositions applies but with some obvious physical restrictions. We experimented with different techniques of dolly, pan and tilting shots using the thumb joystick as well as holding the camera and physically translating the camera. Some technical issues at the time prevented us from using the Z-Axis mount on the Osmo Plus camera for some of the tracking and dolly shots which would have steadied the up and down movement of camera when we were walking.

The DJI Osmo Plus is a great camera for capturing real estate media with pros and cons which we will get into in our next blog.


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