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Architectual visualization by VizPix Studio, Ottawa, Ontario. 3d rendering of open concept kitchen and dining room created using UE5 renderer by Unreal.

VizPix Studio specializes in 3D animations, renderings for product design, architectural visualization, real estate marketing, land developers, urban planners and engineers.

We have over 20 years experience in animation, visual effects, game development, cinematography, architecture and computer graphics. Our goal is to bring new life to visualization by fusing the aesthetics and story telling of cinematography into architecture, manufacturing and design visualizations. We strive to bring your vision to life by incorporating cinematic film and visual effects techniques into high quality 3D renderings and animations. 
VizPix Studio a Canadian 3d rendering company located in the Ottawa area. We have clients both locally and internationally and can easily service clients worldwide from North America to Europe to Asia and the Middle East. 

We See Architecture Differently

Edge Slopeside architectural visualization by VizPix Studio. 3d animation studio Ottawa, Ontario. Rendering created using Unreal Engine, UE5.
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