More About Our Drone Services

Ottawa Science and Tech Museum from Drone photo

VizPix Studio offers aerial photography, videography and 2D\3D mapping using a UAV or as it is commonly called drones. Our cameras can capture photographs at 12 megapixels and  4K video at a 100 mg bit rate. We are fully insured and carry 3rd party liability insurance as per Transports Canada rules for commercially operated UAVS (drones). 

Aerial photography and Videography 

The most popular Drone Services are photos and video which we can be deliver at 12 megapixel resolution (4000 x 3000) and video at 4 k (4096 x 2160) pixels and at a bit rate of 60 Mbps. Types of photographs, are stills and 360 panoramas for real estate, construction and engineering. We can deliver aerial video footage at 4 k resolution as well as edit, add music and provide titles for your finished video. 

Aerial photography and videography are must have tools for high-end real estate marketing. Videos provide dynamic engaging experience for your audience that a static photo cannot provide.

Orthomosaic 2D/3D Models

Using our state-of-the-art drones (equipped with GPS and high resolution cameras) we can capture geo-referenced photos which are processed and converted into 3D models/sets for use in visualization proposals. Depending on your needs we can generate simplified CAD models or point clouds of existing buildings, structures or sites. One of our projects was a mapping and filming of a 50 acres site.